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iq data international inc
United States

I am interested in filing a law suit against this company for violating debt collections laws. Please contact me if you have a ligitemate and full proof of their violations. I added my email for contact.

They have violated several laws against me and my husband. From threats, to promises of taking it off of my credit, and telling me they are going to take money out that I did not give them perimission too. The kicker? We are already making payments to this company, then they called and said they were not enough.


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1970 days ago by mystica   [ Send Maill ]

This collection never sent me a letter saying i owe them then suddenly i received a phone call saying i owed them $3000.00 and asking me a payment over the phone full amount on the same day. This lady name Alex Cook is such a rude and no respect and uneducated needs to go back to gradeschool . I think she's desperate to keep her job so she do whatever she wants to do to scam money not knowing whats others rights. So, she calls me on my cellphone 2-3times a day plus she contact my company and leave a voice message about this matter which is so wrong and against the law. And then she emails me on my company's email address i think she search it over our company's directory. So, i emailed her back saying she cant call me on my cellphone and my company's phone number but she still did and thats against the law. So, i went to a neighborhood legal clinic to ask advice what to do and to stop them harrassing me, this website helped me a lot and its free the legal advisers are nice and they try their best to help you. The legal adviser that helped me told me to write them a CEASE or DESIST letter saying to stop harrassing you and thats the legal way to stop them. If u need a sample letter i sent to them just email me i have the copy of letter that atty made for me. After i sent the letter they stopped calling me and I didnt hear from them anymore. Alex Cook think i didnt know my rights and she's wrong i know what to do and i dont deserve to be treated like this because i pay my bills on time and i have a perfect credit history. After sending that letter u will never get harrassed from them anymore because once they call me again thats illegal.once they call you again they will pay 1000 dollars every call. I've searched everything and i read a lot about his company and u cant just sit there and let them abused or harras you. You have to fight your rights...

2035 days ago by Robert   [ Send Maill ]

i was called up for active duty with the Army in december of 2011, I lived at a aparment in oregon, I was renting from them when i was gone on active duty and the army didnt pay me for 3 months so i couldnt pay the rent, I explained to the complex via phone that the army was having pay issuses and i even had my comander of my unit write them a letter explaning that i havent been payed yet due to some screw up in the goverment pay system, by law the apt has to abide my the service members act, but they did not, they sent me to court for eviction, instead of getting evicted i voluntarily left the apt to avoid the eviction an was forced to move out with in 24 hrs, i was told that i could make payment to the aparment complex when i got my back pay from the militay, as soon as i turned in the keys, i was contacted by IQ data colections, they told me that i owed 3100 in back rent and early termination fees, I was harrased and told that my employer not paying me is no excuse to not pay my bills, i was told that Iam a "descrase to militay people that can keep the finances in check", they have called form at least 10 diffrent numbers, the first month they told me that if i payed the total they wouldnt report it to my credit, when they already had!! they keep telling me that if i pay it they will reverse it all an make it go away, but from the way i have been treated already makes me sick. for one the apt complex threatned me with eviction for not paying them even after having documents from the army explaining that i was on orders an there was a pay issue, Still being on orders when IQ data called me i explained to them that because iam on orders from the Fed goverment they cant contact me to collect a debt (service member relif act) IQ data told me that i was lieing an that they know the law...... I have doc proof that they have broken laws for colections. I would love to sue them... Im not the olny Service member that has been harrased by them, I have 2 other soliders in my unit that were called up with me that are now victoms of IQ data.

2050 days ago by Rowena   [ Send Maill ]

I rented an apartment with Visconti for 6 months from Sept.2007 to Feb.2008 but I moved to Bay Area in Jan. 2008 before my lease expires. I paid the 2 months eventhough I was not living there and left a note that I was gonna leave that I wrote in a sticky note and I even told the manager (Nelson Bennett) that I was gonna move to the Bay Area but will come back in February to get my stuff which I also said in my note. When I came back in February, there was a new manager and Nelson was gone and they said he moved to a different apartment. I spoke to the new manager on the phone because I was gonna leave the keys and left a note again that I wrote in a paper. After a few months, they called me and said they are not giving back my deposit and I still owe them a month of rent for not giving a 1 month notice before I leave. I called them and gave Nelson's number but I could not get hold of him after several attempts calling him. So obviously I was in a dilemma and I ended up owing them 1,200+ and I did not get my deposit back. I wanted to go to small claims court because I really never owe them anything and it was not my fault but I was in the Bay Area and the hassle to go to Southern California and the money I'm gonna spend is not worth it. There was a company named IQ Data, on their behalf that kept calling me and wanting to collect the money. They send letters that if I pay half of it, it would be solved and it would be removed from my credit report. I paid half of it so it would be removed from my credit report. Since then until now, it is still in my credit report and had not been removed. Until now, as of July 18, 2011 there's another company calling me and collecting the money which I said I already paid. As of this day, 18th of July 2011 my credit score is low because of them and even though I paid them through that company IQ Data they have not removed from my credit report. I paid for something I never really owe and the hassle they have caused me. Right now, I cannot get out of my apartment because no apartment would accept me because of them. They screwed my credit report for something which is not my fault. IQ Data never removed this from my credit report. I want to sue them for this trouble they have caused me that affects my life right now because I cannot move to a different apartment and I cannot buy a house. I have always paid my rent on time and my credit score was always 750+ but because of them they ruined my credit standing. When I was paying on the phone they said they will remove it right away from my credit report. I paid $566 last year January 2010 just to clear my credit report but they never did. They are liars that just want the money.

2080 days ago by Eddie Curbside   [ Send Maill ]

These assholes haven't even provided me with proof that I owe them any thing at all. They just keep sending me a itemized list of what I supposedly owe, They don't have a contract with my signature on it!

2151 days ago by Danja   [ Send Maill ]

This company is crap! They posted last January that the account was paid in full for less than the balance and this January the whole balance is back.. Pisses me off! and no one calls to tell me anything! and worst this is, is that I know it was PAID OFF!!! I am so in if someone sues them.

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