Karina Maria Alvarado Rios Juan Asensi Martin   

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Ponzi Scheme Ponzi Scam Investment Fraud

Karina Maria Alvarado Rios (bounced almost 1.2 million in bad checks payable to about 6 of the 14 victims bouncing in 10/2007, 11/2007, 12/2007, 1/2008, 2/2008, 1/2009 4/2009 using the corporation Esiservis as a front to pull her ponzi scam. (We have all the copies of the insufficient funds checks, copies of all the wires and contracts. She used Regions Bank in South Beach and Bay Harbor Islands and Sunny Island Beach to pull her scam. Wiring 20-25 wires without the Patriot Act looking into her international wire fraud. Setting up a shell corporation to steal all the monies and planned a perfect exit from the USA 12-2007.

Her daughter Andrea Alvarado Rios Mosquera worked at the Miami Beach bracnh of Regions bank as a teller helping her accomplish by giving information and access to accounts. Then she quite or was fired right before Karina Alvarado Rios Martin with her Husband Juan Asensi Martin of Andorra & Spain fled the country.

Karina Alvarado Rios DOB. 05-30-1970 USA SS# 7 6 7- 5 0- 6 2 5 7 Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuadorian Passport #0 9 1 1 3 6 7 5 5 5

Florida Drivers License # A 4 1 6 5 0 0 7 0 6 9 0 0

Karina Maria Alvarado Rios and her husband Juan Asensi Martin are on the run currenlty living in Guayaquil Ecuador with millions of dollars that she scammed Guayaquil Ecuador.

She ruined many families lives rendered almost homeless. She stole from people that loved her and trusted. Stole from the Godparents of her son. Stole from many friends and family.

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798 days ago by Justin   [ Send Maill ]

Hello I have been trying to contact you with urgent information about your case with Karina Rios. I had the exact same thing happen to me but by Rory Tringali & I have proof that Rory was just as responsible as Karina as if you look into the corporation & bank accounts you will see Rory was a 50/50 partner & he was spending the majority of the money from the accounts, living off the accounts, & doing NO WORK to earn the money. Rory is an expert at covering up his crime & I believe he hung everything on Karina to cover his own improprieties as when he stole over $400,000 from me, he turned the customers against me claiming I had ripped him off as his cover up & since I was left with all the debt I had to clean up the mess. Rory is a convicted Felon, currently under indictment for CLass One Felony Charges for Cyber Crimes, has federal restraining order against him, & is out on Bail. I will help you if you contact me.

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Ponzi Scheme Ponzi Scam Investment Fraud

Ponzi Scheme Ponzi Scam Investment Fraud