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Loan Modification

KRAMER AND KASLOW is another Law Firm acting as a front for all these ex loan mod shops who no longer are in business. Kramer and Kaslow used to be a intake office for loan modification companies to submit their loan modifications to them and they just took the money. Now all of a sudden they doing this "MASS JOINDER" called the Roland vs. Bank of America but quite frankly I don't believe they have any agreement with the main attorney on this case nor have I ever seen ONE retainer signed by the main attorney on all these cases they are taking money on. They also are advertising that Kramer and Kaslow is doing their own "Litigation". Once again I haven't seen even one case being filed under Kramer and Kaslow. What I do know is this operation is being run by Gary and Chris Fox. Gary is an EX LOAN MOD agent and Chris Fox.. Well I think his name speaks for himself. He used to OWN Green Credit and that got Raided with a Criminal Search Warrant. (See link below) Then he left to work at United Law Group another operation that was raided and shut down. Chris Fox is back to his old tricks and is going around town getting every broker shop to send their previous loan modifications to Kramer and Kaslow and spin it as Litigation now. Well hers the issue with the business. 1) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FEE SPLIT WITH NON ATTORNEYS. 2) YOUR ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SOLICIT FOR LITIGATION "CAPPERS". These are just some of the MANY rules Kramer and Kaslow are violating. I would stay clear from Kramer and Kaslow as they have no idea how to operate as a law office and are using this name to try and bait new victims. Here is my suggestion to any law firm you go to. BE PREPARED! Ask to speak with the attorney. If you don't feel like he knows anything then don't waste your time. If the attorney is not there dont waste your time. Ask to see the filing of the case. Ask if you join when your name will be added to the case and get that in writing. If they are representing other firms ask to see the agreements between that firm and the firm they so called are working with. And of course DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!
(Here is just a tip of the ice berg about Chris and those running Kramer and Kaslow)

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2250 days ago by monique   [ Send Maill ]

Check this company out...sounds like they're doing the same thing as this Chris Fox guy is doing. They're They are requesting a fee of $895.00 to have you meet with one of their outside "associates" to verify you are eligible and once verified they'll charge another 5k for retainer...for "mass joinder" and other filings....hmmmmm?

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