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Leasing Scam

Two years ago I started a home inspection business in Portland Oregon and thought I would look more "up to date" with a portable Way System card swipe machine and printer. After talking with the First Data people and discussing the lease options with the system, I told them I would buy it outright instead because I didn't want a lease. I then set up a one year account with them to handle the transactions, paid for the equipment and recieved it a few days later. After about 6 months I started recieving charges on my business account for $39 from First Data Global Leasing. Long story short, they credited me back the money I'd paid on the equipment and set me up on a two year lease agreement. I managed to get the payments stopped but they hounded me constantly with phone calls and nasty letters for months. I finally arranged to pay them off for $250 in hopes they'd go away. I hadn't heard from them in three months... until today. They sent me a letter saying that they are assessing $30.20 for "property taxes assessed on my equipment as well as $10.00 for the cost of processing of any taxes! Since I haden't really learned how tryly sinister these people are I sent them a check to pay the $250, they now have my checking information and are going take the money out along with my regular monthly payment. I talked to my bank and they said they probably couldn't stop the payment but I can file fraud charges against them if they do, and I will. I'll probably have to get a new checking account I suppose. Folks, these people have to be stopped! They are an obvious scam outfit and I'm in on any class action law suit.

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1411 days ago by gabe matamoros   [ Send Maill ]

the sales person said there would be a first time fee for equipment and sent a backup in case of any failure's .i noticed i was being charged monthly at 267.00 just for terminal. wow what a scam!! i called so they could send copy of contract ,when i recieved it it was filled out by some one else and the signature's and initials were forged.this company needs to be can get app. online, read it ,its freakn unbelievable.....

1477 days ago by Tannie   [ Send Maill ]

Im currently a victim of FD. I have asked for the form to cancel, and I will be charged $150 ( $125 early termination fee and $30 cancellation fee). I have heard that so many people had a hard time to completely get rid of this scam. I really upset and need some advisors . Please email me if anyone have any solutions. thank you!

1588 days ago by Kaylene Canfield   [ Send Maill ]

They are terrible and have been impossible to work with or even talk to. They also want insurance for the equipment and add that in.

1909 days ago by Lori   [ Send Maill ]

I sent that firm a message last week and haven't heard back! These people have to be stopped. I owe them 7000 for a 700 terminal

1989 days ago by sharon   [ Send Maill ]

Hello, Please submit your complaint to Gutride Safier LLP ( or you can just google it. We're trying to get a class action suit against First Data Global Leasing. A person already contacted that law firm, and if we get enough complaints about FDGL, we could be on our way to a class action lawsuit. Also please pass this on.

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