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EVERYONE in BALTIMORE and SURROUNDING AREA Beware of Monumental Life Insurance Company,SCAM SCAM SCAM..Long story short had words with my agent policey was signed to be switched over OCT31st,2 days i get a past due.Still haven't recieved the papers stating policies are in my name i called them to ask if they were in my name NOT until i recieve I won't be mail a payment! 2 days later i get papers stating they're in my mothers name whom is deceased and we switched it from. I called asked was it a mistake customer service lady said yes it was.Me 2nd guessing i still made payment on Nov 25th.I call a week later Dec 2nd asked what was going on why hasn't the payment been processed. told me they have no answer other then to check with the bank we did that bank says they are still uncounted for. So Saturday the 3rd of december i Get a letter saying they are deducting from my cash value and once done their is no cash value to collect. SEE the agent i was dealing with we had words once i recieved the past due notice.1 explain how im past due I JUST PUT IT IN MY NAME.2 HOW ARE YOU AS A BUSINESS MAN GONNA TELL ME TO GROW UP AND PAY MY BILLS. 3 AS MARYLAND HAS A PRIVACY ACT EXplain to me WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO MY NIECE ABOUT MY POLICEY ( PRIVACY ACT IN MARYLAND) AND ISSUES WE HAD OVER THE PHONE WHOM YOU CASHED OUT HER POLICEY RIGHT AWAY. Do i feel my account is flagged to deVALUE my cash out? YES Do I FEEL I BEEN VIOLATED IN my PRIVACY that I MOST CERTAINLY DO. ONE MORE THING AGENT ASKED WHEN WE SIGNED THE (3) POLICES OVER TO ME IF I HAD A DEBT CARD then..Guessing he was gonna make a payment..Either WAY I Don't give my info out like that..So when i tried to make the payment by phone November 25th i was told they can't do that i Had to MAil a check to their apparent company...THIS COMPANY HASN'T YET credited my account.AMAZING Right. DOES this not SOUND LIKE SCAM WORK ANY LAWYER WILLING TO PICK THIS UP, ya betcha..

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1468 days ago by daliya Robson   [ Send Maill ]

I have been trying to reach monumental life for 2 days and no person seems t answer the phones ARE THEY IN BUSINESS????? I have the address of POB 95302 HURST TEXAS 76054-5302 DONT KNOW IF THEY EXIST AT ALL ? HELP.

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