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Just like the rest of the MANY complaints online, I was also duped by Brian Kucsan and his team and law firm. They get referrals from Activus loans and other companies. They pretend to "pre-qualify" you, charge a couplle of thousand of dollars, and then do nothing that we are not able to do ourselves. In fact, I had better luck getting straight answers from Wells Fargo than from K & M. They also lied about Wells Fargo accepting the application and sending the paperwork to my house. It was never sent and I was lied to mulitple times saying it was lost in the mail. In the end, this firm does absoultely nothing except take your money and not provide any accomplishments to show for it. They are a fraud and should be "dis-barred" immediately. These companies are not supposed to take money up front, but their cleaver pre-qualification bologna is how they trick people. I requested a refund multiple times without success. I even asked for only 50% of my money back and was denied. This company cannot show any records of any work they did for me.

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1652 days ago by brian ruiz   [ Send Maill ]

Ever see Boiler Room w/ Vin Diesel? I worked there for a couple of months. A majority of there business comes from shameless and worthless Agents selling Loan Modifications for this law firm.....( kuscan and mccrea a professional law firm ) Like Michelle Berman who is the designated closer. And who will assist newer or less effective closers collect ADVANCED FEE's. Which i believe is illegal. John Cordes/Broker has long ago sold his soul to the devil. Activus originates very few Mortgages. Instead Cordes has allowed attorney Koscan to build a loan mod chop shop. Of the 55 employees @ ACTIVUS employs I'd say 80% are down and out folks. Some missing teeth and all dishonest selling dreams to dreamers. Making 8 bucks and hour. There are a couple of Loan Officers there but they do very few loans I would imagine. Perhaps 20 a month. They might even be working without licenses I wouldn't put it past them. Don't waste your time. Go with a brand name and stay away from loan mods. They rarely work can be done better by yourself. Go to the HUD website if you need a modification and never miss a payment or intentionally fall behind. Also it's illegal to collect an ADVANCE FEE. These people couldn't care less about you or your home. Once they have your money it's over...... STAY AWAY!!

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