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Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on March 6, 2010
Written by Stan,
You are absolutely right. The kitten I placed a deposit for had a heart defect and was put to sleep a week before it was to be shipped. Then they refused to refund my deposit after telling me that they will. They claimed I had told them that I would buy another kitten from them! Now why would I buy another kitten from someone who has no clue how to breed healthy kittens!!!

Cozy Kitten Cattery
Posted at 8:11 pm, November 18, 2010
Written by Lee,
My wife considered one of these cats but I can see this is a really bad company to work with. We are going to try another breeder instead.

Cozy Kitten Cattery
Posted on December 13, 2010 in
Written by LaLaLand,
To answer "Potential Buyers" inquiry, Sue writes all her own press, and puts it everywhere. She writes her own testimonials, and makes up the stuff about movie rolls. None of it is true, she is a great con artist look up her complaint on A complaint written by her ex-partner! You will be shocked how she acquires her breeding stock,and how she treats cats she no longer wants.

If you buy one her kittens you are an ***. She does not have "quality" or "elite" kittens, she has very pet quality kittens, not considered breed standard by CFA, and kittens that reputable breeders, breeding to better the breed, just pet out for a very small fee. Sue's kittens are so over priced that those of us who breed for show are appalled at her prices, we do not even sell top show quality kittens for the amount she sells "mutts" for. You buying a nag for a Seabisquit price!

There is no such thing as a registered TEA CUP, TOY, RARE COLOR, PASHMINA, CASHMERE, CHICHI, NAPOLEONS, RAGAPERS, RUGHUGGERS and many other fictitiously named "NON-EXISTING NEW BREEDS". These are cats that are the results of high inbreeding, inbreeding with other breeds and domestic cats to create a different look or color pattern and these new breed names are solely invented and created by the person/breeder whom is seeking to rip you off of several thousands of dollars, leading you to believe that you are purchasing a rare treasure which in reality is nothing more than a "MIX BREED MUTT!" that cannot be registered. Often these cats come with "falsified registration slips" and are genetically unfit with compromised immune systems that will require tremendous medical attention, expense and a broken heart.

CFA would like her shut down because she is a kitten mill and has, by her own admission, over 200 cats, yet she claims they recognize her as a cattery of excellence. Don't be fooled, she buys that title.

She was barred from CFA for a while, but she paid the fine of $750.00 to CFA & got all the paperwork in order, and paid her way back in, but she originally said "I don't need CFA" and was not going to comply.

Do you seriously think that her cats are sot after for movie rolls? She lives in bum-f*** Missouri, no where near the movie capital. And where is the proof Mr. Bigglesworth came from her cattery? She does not offer that.

Wise up people and think about it, caveat emptor.
OH, and by the way, she is changing her cattery name to OH So Cute Kittens!

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on December 18, 2009 in
Written by notwhatitseems,
Yes, I may believe all the wonderful things you are saying about her, but the fact is she is still considered a kitten mill and commercial breeder. When someone breeds that many kittens and always has that many kittens available. There IS NO Way that all of her cats are getting the attention and love they deserve. You see she doesnt put on the website pictures of her *****s and the condition for which they may be in only the nursery. I would be interested to see how the *****s live. Probably all in cages and never get out just used for breeding things. This is not ethical or humane so just look at the other point of view when it comes to breeding cats. Just look at the math of how many kittens she has and how often she is breeding. Look most of all at how the *****s live and I would honestly like to know that and see proof of it before I bought a kitten from her. Pretty pictures usually always have so much to hide under the surface.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on November 27, 2010 in
Written by:,
I don't understand some of the complaints, not necessarily this one but there are others as well. Some claim that Sue was barred from CFA but a quick search proves that wrong. I also do not understand how she has glowing testimonials, is sought after for movie rolls for her cats, has educational dvd's and is featured on everything else known to man. If these things she has been accused of are true then I simply do not see how it could not have caught up with her by now. People complaining and post anonymously , cannot be taken seriously.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on July 27, 2011 in
By Southern Sweetpea,
Sue Johnson sells extremely sick animals. Period. She does not honor her own health guarantee - I KNOW this for a fact because my family and I have been dealing with a very, very sick animal that we purchased from her. This kitty has been checked out by a vet with 40 years of experience, and his experience and her test results told us that she was severely neglected and raised in a filthy condition. When we very nicely tried to communicate with her in every way available n the 21st century regarding her honoring her health gurantee, she ignored us. If Ms. Johnson were truly a reputable breeder and delivered on her word, I would sing her praises, but instead I sing the ugly truth. The ugly truth is that she takes the money of the ignorant with no intention of keeping her end of the baragin. Worse she is guilty of animal neglect. 110 days ago by Southern Sweetpea +1 Votes Oh, and by the way, Sue a.k.a kangabit, your vernacular is telling. If anyone would like to confirm that Sue is diguising herself to sing own false praises, compare the post above to her own writing on her website or email her. Busted!

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on July 28, 2011 in
By Twiglets,
I wouldn't trust buying a kitten from Sue Johnson, or from any of her Partner's that she deals with, especially not after having a bad run in with one of her client's, who actually managed to have Sue's Lawyer contact me personally contact me, over a year ago, if i ever have that happen again, i will be the one who considers contacting and getting my own lawyer for a major lawsuit, which will include having all her cat's confiscated, by WSPA, and the Missouri Animal authoritie's aka, ASPCA.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted by Melanie Lowry
I too have been watching this page develop into a huge cat fight. But, I would like to point out that most people have given their true name , there is broken hearted Carrie Shupe, upset Audrie, Deborah Mckeely, Kathy Moore, is Candy Hershey real, I don't know, and there was a post on here from Kathleen, Boutique kittens, not sure where that went. It is way more than one person just bashing, I think all these people have legitimate concerns. I have been bashed, libeled and slandered all over the internet for 4 years now, but by ONE person with the same tired old complaint, someone who has a severe problem so I know how it feels. No one ever bothered to ask for my side or if it was true, except for Shannon. Or even to stick up for me. But it got zizzo kicked out of CFA, so I had to have some way of providing proof, have you ever seen zizzo's?

That is why when someone sent me zizzo's post about Sue, I immediatly notified my friend Shannon, who knows Sue. I didn't want Sue to end up like me, destroyed because of zizzo. But I will certainly rethink this tactic. Shannon reached out to Sue and sent her the info, even though she and Sue had had a falling out. We never, ever expected Sue to turn on us. She told Sue to call me, but Sue told zizzo that I asked her to call me, not so, I didn't really want to talk to her because I didn't like what she had already done to Shannon! That right there, proves to me that Sue has trouble telling the truth.

Sue sold Shannon a breeder a year ago and never gave her the papers. Want to know if this is true, ask Sue, IF she is honest about it she will tell you it is so, and when she promised to refund Shannon's money, it never arrived. So did Sue turn Shannon over to zizzo to get out of paying her back? Pretty despicable if that was her motive.

Boutique Kittens did the same thing to Shannon, yet she never said anything bad about either of those people, and in reality tried to help them both, only to be used as a pawn in Sue's scheme of things. I am sorry to say I spent 4 hours on the phone with Sue at Shannon's urging, she kept telling me what a nice person Sue really was, and that Kathleen of Boutique Kittens and her were friends too, even tho they both had stolen her money. I listened and had a change of attitude only to have it thrown in my face, and Shannon thrown to the wolves by both of these women.

After telling Sue that Zizzo is a stalker and to be very careful about any info she gave her, she called zizzo and told her Shannon had several of my cats. Well we all know what happens to those that zizzo finds out have my cats. I even planted a little lie with Sue to see if it would get back to Zizzo. It did, and no one else was told this, even to this day, only SUE! So..... Sue talked to zizzo a lot, fed her a lot of information, something most of us breeders would avoid like the plague. I guess this gives you an insight into her real character and will really make you think about all those accusations.

I have the email where Sue admits to giving zizzo Shannon's name. Why would you do that Sue? Why would you do that to someone who tried to help you when you knew what would happen? Why would you set someone up to be stalked and attacked just to save your own hide? And especially after telling me over and over how you think about me every day and how awful you think it is, what zizzo has done to me. More lies? Or just BS? I think, Sue really knows how to talk her way around things.

Boutique kittens also now refuses to give Shannon a replacement kitten for the kitten she ripped her off for, because she talked to Sue. Did you forget Kathleen that you could be put on zizzo's FIP page since you have one of my cats? Isn't your lilac point "Gambi" a Lollimops cat? I recognized that cat instantly, surprised zizzo hasn't. You got her from Laura Edwards, same place Jerry Owens got his.

And yes, I asked the same question, why was Kathleen part of all this cat torture, dumping behind stores and helping Sue to buy undercover, that word makes it sound so innocent when it was really ripping off breeders and ruining pedigrees. Why were you ever part of this and silent about it for so long? Why did you participate in something so vile? In my eyes you are just as guilty! And turning on a friend makes you the worst of the worst.

Remember, there are a lot of people making the same claims about Sue, a lot, not just one.

This hurt a lot of people. And Sue did it on purpose! With what she claims she makes in a year she should have been able to afford to pay for those breeding rights! Yet, she had no problem doing what she did, for years!

And you really hurt your friend Shannon! In my book, there is nothing worse than a back stabber!

I guess only Sue and Rob know if they fed those poor cats Tylenol, I looked up what it does to cats, horrible death, causes their feet to swell, joints to ache and their livers to fail. But ask yourself why Kathleen thinks that. There is usually some truth to a rumor. Ask too, where they got this idea?

Sue can have all the friends or relatives she wants to post good things on here about her, but I talked to her and got it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

Because both Shannon and I tried to help Sue, look what happened, look what it got us. Is that someone with good character, good morals, someone that you can trust?

I would never ever trust someone that turned on a friend!

Always ask for documentation, without it, this is all just gossip.

Looks like Kathleen and the others have documented their claims. Let's see Sue prove it is not true! She admitted to me that a lot of it was true and that she was ashamed and would try to make amends! She resigned from CFA to avoid and investigation. Hmmmm. She told me she didn't need them.

I have never gotten down into the hard scrabble with the pet/dollface breeders before....sheesh I thought the ones at the shows were bad, you guys are worse!

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted in
By Cathy Jones,
I have been watching this page in total amazement on how all you breeders hiding behind false names are bashing Sue Johnson/Cozy Kittens. The only person I see who has identified themselves IS Sue Johnson.

What I am very happy to see is that someone has finally put two and two together and figured out that Kathleen Heineman is Boutique Kittens. This person is the root of all the false statements about Sue Johnson. A former partner of Sue's she used Sue to get her foot in the door of the breeding world and then proceeded to stab her in the back.

Question for you Kathleen: If you were witness to animal abuse why did it take you all this time to open your mouth? Don't know about anyone else but that has me scratching my head.

Animal abuse is a terrible thing to say about anyone. A per son would have to show me hard core proof before I would believe such a statement on face value.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on July 28, 2011 in
by Carrie Shupe,
Cathy Jones - I must correct you in saying that I have used my real name, and everything I have stated is true and I've got alot more to say about Sue and Rob Johnson. Anyone that reads this is welcome to email me at and I would be happy to tell you the TRUTH about what conspired between myself and Cozy Kitten cattery. I am not a breeder, just a pet owner that was honestly, 100% betrayed, deceived, lied to, and treated like dirt by Sue Johnson. Trust me, Sue cares about nothing but the money she gets - nothing else. She is a master of lies and trying to make herself look innocent and she is not. She makes deals with the devil over and over again to hide who and what she really is. She lures other breeders in by promising them that she will show them the ropes, and how to make $1000 to $3000 per kitten, and how to euthanize sick kittens and cats right in your own house without vet treatment to save lots of money. All of this is true and anyone who doesn't believe it, should really start listening up.

I never received papers for my kitten, Brandi. I asked Sue for the papers after Brandi died and she refused, telling me that she didn't provide papers without a spay certificate. How convenient, since all I had was a euthanasia certificate. Brandi only made it to six months old and never grew over 3lbs. The real reason why there were no papers is because the father of this litter was Mystery Man, a cat that Sue swindled out of another breeder by letting someone else by the cat for her. Sue admitted this to me on the telephone and was very proud of how she managed to get away with it. I have pictures of Mystery Man if anyone would like to see him, and many pictures of Brandi. I also have all the emails between myself and Sue and her blatant lies to me. I have nothing to hide, I am a victim of only wanting to purchase a beautiful little kitten to love and was sucked in by her "cutesy" web site, pretty photos and promises of "making dreams come true". It is all total crap. If any of you have ever talked to Sue on the phone, she can barely put two intelligent sentences together, so I am sure she has someone else do all her writing for her.

Hasn't anyone ever really looked at her site and wondered why there are no photos of the kittens shown in her home? Yes the photos with the backgrounds and props are nice...but the real reason for it is to hide where the kittens really are. Clever, isn't it? Hasn't anyone really looked at the kittens and wondered which of her breeders are the parents? Why does she never show the littermates together, like most breeder sites? I can tell you why, because she doesn't have those kittens and they were not bred by her. She has a little network of breeders that are having kittens all over the place and then she brokers them out. Wake up, people!! Really look at the facts that are right in your face.

After I lost my kitten, I did tons of research on Sue Johnson. I was in touch with many, many people who have experience with her, and they were all BAD experiences. I analyzed her web site and photos, and her emails, and figured out how much she was lying and where the deception was. Sue likes to threaten people, claiming she will sue them, and then they clam up because they are scared. She likes to bully people. She hides behind her web site and emails. It is all smoke and mirrors. Inside she is a coward. She has built herself up in her own mind thinking she is somehow famous and inventing new breeds of kittens and making a career out of it. She has nothing else, selling cats is ALL she can do, so she is going to fight like crazy to keep up her scam. When the truth finally comes out, and she is shut down, what will she do? What will she have? Nothing! Don't you think that petrifies her? Of course she is buying people to be quiet. Of course she is doing damage control all over the place trying to make it look like the people who do have the guts to come out and tell the truth, are the real liars, when in fact, we are the ones telling the truth.

If you believe Sue - ask her if you can visit her house. Tell us all what you find when you get there.

My only concern with this is trying to prevent more people like myself from falling into her trap. There are many good, reputable breeders out there with healthy, affordable kittens. I'd recommend going to a shelter and adopting before touching Cozy Kittens with a 10 foot pole!

Brandi cost me $800, and close to $2000 in veterinary bills, and a broken heart, which to me you can not put a dollar amount on. I loved my kitten. All I have to show for this is a little statue of a cat that holds her remains.

I'll say it again - Sue Johnson and Cozy Kittens Cattery is nothing but a scam to make money. They are liars and users and are spreading disease to the cat world. These are not accusations, this is my first-hand experience.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
By Sue Johnson,
Carrie, back in 2002 when you bought Brandy she was a lively, playful kitten. There was no evidence that she was ill, nor any other kitten in our nursery. There was never any proof that FIP came from my cattery as you know you were buying cats from many catteries at that same time. You dont even know for sure that it was FIP because you didn't have an autopsy done. We all know that an autopsy is the ONLY way to diagnose FIP. However we decided to not breed those cats again, as you well know, we retired them before finding out that you never even had an autopsy done. In an attempt to make you happy, we purchased a kitten from another breeder for you, paying double what you paid for Brandy. I see you neglected to mention that little detail.

Another detail that has been overlooked is that Shannon didn't receive the papers for her kitten because SHE NEVER PAID FOR THE CAT, THE SHIPPING or THE BREEDING RIGHTS. NOT ONE DIME!!!!!!! Who got taken here??? I sent you the cat in good faith. You failed to mention that when you discussed this with your friends.

No matter what I say, you people will continue to say what you want leaving out all details that lead to the truth. I am finished with this scene. I am going back to whats important to me, taking care of my cats and my customers like I have been doing for the last 18 years.

I have come to learn in nearly two decades of being in business, you are truly a success when all your competitors can do is try to bring you down and criticize your every move, even without the facts. In some sick way, maybe this is a compliment to me. I know that I have not intentionally set out to hurt anyone, but if I have in any way, I am genuinely sorry.

Cozy Kittens Cattery
Posted on July 28, 2011 in
By Carrie Shupe,
Sue, how nice to see you creep out of your hole. Although I did not have an autopsy done on Brandi, myself and the three excellent vets that treated her were 99% sure that she had FIP. I was there when the vet pulled a vial of disgusting yellow liquid from her abdomen.

And about the replacement kitten, what a bunch of crap that is. I assume you have conveniently forgotten that you told me after Brandi died that the replacement kitten HAD to be the same or lesser value than Brandi, and at the time you had already inflated your prices so none of your kittens were under $1000. Then you told me the kitten had to be the same exact gender and color as Brandi. Did you forget all that? Did you forget all the emails I sent you after Brandi died, where I saw kittens available on your site and I asked if I could have this one? And you said no. I asked if I could have that one? And you said no. I have all this in writing Sue. Then another breeder offered me a Ragaper at that time and I said no, I wanted YOU to do the right thing and either refund my money in full or partial, or replace the kitten - which thank God you didn't do or who knows what kind of nightmare I would have ended up with.

I also want to add, that Brandi was not exposed to my other cats for 8 weeks after I brought her home. She was already showing signs of illness at that time, she hadn't grown a bit, either. Brandi did NOT get sick from any of my cats and you know it. You even admitted to me that almost all of Mystery Mans litters were strangely small and had health problems. Did you forget that part too?

And about the kitten that was sent to me MONTHS later by another breeder? Show me any proof that you paid a cent for that cat to be sent to me? That cat was sent to me for free and you did not pay for it at all. Why not just send me the money if you were shelling out thousands for a replacement kitten? I told you I needed the money after spending so much on Brandi and the vet bills. Once again - caught in a lie, Sue. And why we are on the subject, a friend of yours told me that the only reason you orchestrated sending a kitten to me was to shut me up because "you were scared that I was learning too much about you and you wanted me to be quiet". More damage control from Cozy Kittens.

Sue why don't you do everyone a favor here and take some of those kittens shown as available on your web site, stand in front of your house holding each of them, and let someone take a picture and post it for all of us to see. Prove to us that all those kittens are in your possession and lets see the house you are living at too. I would love to see a picture of the famous founder of Cozy Kittens holding a RARE kitten that is selling for $2500 in front of her own house.

Of course this is why if someone puts a deposit on a Cozy Kitten, you can't request to see more photos. Sue won't just go put the kitten on her couch and snap a quick picture like most breeders. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why?? Can I get a big "DUH!" from the group here?

The bottom line is that most breeders will replace a kitten if it dies, they do not make the purchaser jump through crazy hoops, they want to make the purchaser happy so all ends as well as it can. Sue you always have kittens available, and for the amount of money you charge, you must have had enough money to refund my money - you could have done either one of those things immediately after Brandi died to diffuse the situation so we could each go on our happy ways - but you didn't want to do that, because it would mean less money for you and that is all you care about.

You are selling pet quality kittens from Who Knows Where for insane prices. Yes if someone is willing to pay that much for a kitten, that is their business, but we all know these people are being ripped off. Your kittens are not special or worth more than any other kitten. They are not show quality. Its just a big marketing scheme of you using fancy names like RARE and making up color names and breeding mutations to make them stay tiny with little short legs and I can only imagine what other experiments you are doing now.

Trust me Sue, no one is complimenting you. No one wants to be you. There is no conspiracy against you. There is just people trying to tell the truth about what is going on at your cattery (or wherever those kittens are), to avoid you spreading disease and ripping innocent people off.

Cozy Kitten Cattery
Posted by Lee Very Sad
Hi Carrie,

I choose not to use my real name. After reading all these posts I mostly feel bad for you. I am a pet buyer not a breeder and know exactly how you feel. I purchased a kitten from a breeder (not cozy) that ended up dying from FIP weeks after I got her. The difference between our situations is that my breeder was very sympathetic to my situation. She took all my phone calls, answered all my questions and replaced the kitten when I was ready. Although it was a horrible thing to go through it did make a bad situation better to have the support of the breeder. The replacement kitten is fine and thriving and is the sweetest cat ever.

Cozy Kittens, you should learn from this. You could of avoided all this negative feedback if you just had done the right thing. I think that there is alot of bad information regarding FIP out there. As breeders it is your responsability to know everything about the disease. Although you cannot completely avoid it there are steps that can be taken to minimize FIP. For any breeders that are reading this and are interested visit Dr. Addie's site she has wonderful information on FIP and the prevention of it.

Sue, weaning your kittens at 5 weeks and letting nature take its course is not the best or smartest way to prevent FIP. There is a technique called limited nursing where you put the mom in with the kittens limited hours of the day to nurse therefore minimizing exposure to the corona virus that causes FIP. Of course this takes time and commitment and if it is indeed true that you have 200 breeders then it would be alot of work but well worth it when you turn over a kitten to your buyers that you know is healthy. After all that is your responsibility as a breeder. Do the basic math Sue if you are losing less kittens because you are not early weaning then you can cut down on the number of breeders you have spend less on food, litter, disease control and still make the same amount of money. It really makes good business sense.

Sue, I don't know you and I have not had any personal dealings with you so I hold judgment. I hope and pray that the accusations against you are false because it would be pretty scary that you and your husband could both be such monsters and portray yourselves as such nice people on your site. In one of your posts you say " Ask God to help you and he will" that tells me you must have some belief in God then you know that one day you will be held accountable for every single cat and kitten that God gave you the responsibility to care for. That is alot of souls in your case. I hope for your sake you are innocent of these accusations and if you are not then this is the time to clean up your act. If you choose not to then as someone else posted God help you.

Cozy Kitten Cattery
Posted at 8:11 pm, November 18, 2010
Written by Carrie Shupe ,
Dear Very Sad,

Thank you for your reply and I am very sorry to hear about your kitten. My frustration is not about FIP at all, as I've done the research and I know that no one on this earth can guarantee health for any living being, however if someone is bringing a life into the world and selling it, they should stand behind it and do the right thing.

I do not think that Sue is doing whatever she can to bring healthy kittens into this world. I think she is selling them too young and playing God with trying to make itty bitty cats and seeing who lives and who doesn't and what defect is going to come out next. Sue had told me back then she was going to try harder, and sell kittens when they were a bit older, especially if they were being shipped, and she has not done that. It all boils down to money.

I had said to Sue years ago when this happened, that she really could have been a great breeder if she had not turned into a greedy monster. She could have had many friends, and a true, honest reputation as a reputable breeder with nothing to hide. Now she is in a corner and I know she sees the walls closing in around her.

Many, many years ago I purchased a kitten (a different breed from a different breeder). The kitten died of a heart problem that was undetectable. From outside appearances, this kitten was totally normal and came from a great breeder. It is no one's fault that this kitten died, it is just nature. In that situation, the breeder was very sympathetic, understanding, and offered me my money back, or any kitten I wanted at that point, or in the future - whenever I was ready. No questions asked, no begging necessary, no crazy hoops to jump thru. This is how it should be done.

I have owned cats my entire life, as has my fiancee, and many of my friends. I have friends that breed and friends that show and not just cats, but dogs, hamsters, and reptiles. I can say that all of these breeders of all these different species that I am acquainted with, stand behind their pets if a health problem arises, or a death, regardless of its something that "just happened" by nature, or if it was something that was acquired at the breeders facility, etc.

The first rule of any business is to make your customer happy. Bite your tongue if you have to. Lose a few dollars if you need to. In the end, your reputation will shine and you will be successful and learn from your mistakes, and they will not be blasted all over for the public to see, because if you resolve something with a customer the correct way, they walk away happy. If that had been the case, I would be on this message board saying that Cozy Kittens stood behind their kitten and did the right thing. But they didn't.

Like most psychotics, Sue likes to brag about her wrong-doings. I have talked to many people who have told me that while on the phone with Sue, she has admitted to experimenting with her cats and kittens, she admitted to me about pretty much stealing Mystery Man, and much more. I think that she could possibly be suffering from a mental disorder, which is what causes her to behave this way. I think in her mind, she believes that she has done nothing wrong. I dont think she views the cats and kittens as living creatures anymore, she views them as products. That explains why there is no remorse. I think Sue is probably a very lonely person, I'll bet she grew up lonely, and now this is her way of feeling popular and powerful. Once on the phone with her, she talks on and on and on and the longer she talks, the more bad things she will let slip out and brag about. If you dont believe me, call her and pretend you are interested in purchasing a kitten. Endure her chatter if you can and you will hear the truths coming out of her mouth.

As for Sue giving others advice about asking God for help and believing in God herself, I honestly feel that she is once again using something that other people hold dear to them, to try to make herself look honest. Not a smart thing to do, in my opinion. You are right, we all have to answer to Him someday and I think she will have a lot of answering to do.

What I really would like to see is for Sue to admit to her wrongdoings and apologize. I would like to see her stop breeding and clean up her act, get some counseling, and maybe down the road try to start over again, but this time as an honest breeder that is putting the health and happiness of the cats and kittens first, and the happiness of her customers second, and her quest for money last. I honestly think her time right now is coming to an end and her entire career as a cat breeder is going to go up and smoke. I do not know why she cannot see that and is not trying to do the right thing to save herself before its too late. She is like an addict...knowing its wrong, knowing its going to destroy her, but she just can't stop.

Seeing that one person has chosen to not purchase a Cozy Kitten has made me very happy. That is MY goal, to protect cat lovers from being hurt and ripped off, and to avoid the heartache and financial loss that I had to go thru for falling for the Cozy Kittens scam.

Cozy Kitten Cattery
Written by Gag Me,
Sue says: “In some sick way, maybe this is a compliment to me. I know that I have not intentionally set out to hurt anyone, but if I have in any way, I am genuinely sorry”.

So you unintentionally stole the kittens from these breeders? I find that absolutely mind boggling myself. Was it an out of body experience or an actual possession of some sort? At what point did you wake up and realize you had called other breeders, lied about your identity, forked out the cash, and then retrieved the kittens. Wow Emily Rose had nothing on you. Don’t tell me – the devil made you do it huh? Oh yeah we know… it was the voices.

Quid pro quo Mrs. Johnson: Did you or did you not personally or have friends or family pose as a pet buyer as a means to purchase kittens undercover from breeders? If the answer is yes, then did you use these kittens in your breeding program falsely advertising the kittens or their offspring as you own line?

Of course we know Sue will never answer those questions honestly. This is a woman who was bold enough to lie on her website for years about being state licensed. Anyone could have confirmed this information at any given time. To be so brazen one must wonder.

Quid pro quo my dear…we’re waiting.

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Ponzi Scheme Ponzi Scam Investment Fraud