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TD Bank   

Posted :Monday, January 3, 2011by rational_consumer Send Maill  Tell a Friend

Check clearing

I have a savings account at TD Bank. I received a check that had my name on it as well as my father's name on it. Because his name was on the check, he came with me to deposit into my account. The only available teller open was the store manager, who was a squirrely man with a temper. He told me that the check would be clear within 24 hours, which I thought was fine. I came back later that week to withdraw some money for my brother's birthday present. But because my father's name was on the check, that he had also endorsed, the money wasn't available. The store manager said that the only way to withdraw any of that money was if my father drove down to that specific TD bank and sign a clearance form, a paper that wasn't ever mentioned to myself or my father.

This bank is also very, very unprofessional. I asked the teller, who was the assistant store manager, why the funds were not available. She responded with "I don't know, cause there isn't any money." I have an account with a passbook, and when any amount is deposited or withdrawn it marks the current balance. She checked the passbook and then said "there isn't any money." She then wouldn't help me and just stared at the computer, until I flagged down the manager and asked him to help.

This bank is terrible! I have recently switched over to Laconia Savings Bank and everything has been great!

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