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BoJaCat Birman Cattery

Bojacat Birman Cattery and Breeder Complaints - Breeding and selling sick and unhealthy kittens
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Bojacat Birman Cattery and Breeder
Posted: 2006-12-31 by Donna May

Breeding and selling sick and unhealthy kittens

I purchased 2 kittens from this breeder. One was ill when I bought it but the breeder made excuses for it's lethargic behavior, so I purchased it. It died of FIP, wet form, confirmed by vet, only about 4 months after bringing it into my home. The second kitten, obtained at the same time, had chronic health problems, and cost thousands of dollars to maintain his health until he developed diabetes, cardiomyopathy, and severe stomach inflammation. He had to be euthanized at the young age of 11 years (equals late 40's for a human). Birrmans are extremely loving cats and it is especially heartbreaking to lose one. I lost 2 from the same cattery.

I had to persistently call and write for over a year to finally receive a refund for the purchase price of the kitten who died of FIP. They acted all concerned about the FIP scare but made many excuses about why they were not refunding me according to their purchase contract with health guarantee. I really had to fight for the refund, and received no additional compensation for the medical expenses.

I purchased these kittens in 1994. I have just now found out from a reliable source that they are not considered a responsible breeder, and that they have had an ongoing FIP problem in their cattery for many years, but do not inform potential pet buyers of it. I was also told they also have refused to refund other buyers whose kittens have died. I would not normally spread hearsay, but this information simply corroborates my personal experience with this breeder.

It is heart wrenching to watch a kitten or cat die of this incurable, ravaging disease. I strongly advise you DO NOT purchase a Birman from BOJACAT. Now that I have confirmation from others, beyond my own experience, I just want to warn potential buyers so they do not go through the pain and expense that I did. BOJACAT is doing a disservice to the Birman breed by perpetuating unhealthy cat breed lines for show purposes, and taking advantage of potential pet owners who might trust their prominently advertised name.

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2104 days ago by Karen   [ Send Maill ]

Hello! Here is a breeder in Sweden who is blacklisted in the newspapers. They are warning for her cattery.

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