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It is a place where consumer complaints can be posted to help other customer, this site belongs to consumer
complaint division category

you can fill up the online complaint form and submit it, your complain will be posted at the top of home page, which
gets more visibility and attention by the concerned officials, you will get a fast remedy for the customer complaint
posted in our complaints website.

You can file a consumer complaints, like complaints against attorney general, lawyer, legal, doctor, dentist, medical, hospital, nursing home, mortgage, credit card scams, school, college, university, harassment, racial issues, warranty scams, travel, hotels, resorts, restaurants, deals, vehicles, telemarketing, health, project payday, hair restoration, business bureau, life insurance, warranty scams, patient, contractor, builders, plumbers, employer, employee, collection agency, automobile, auto repair, mobiles, phones, over charge complaints, staffing, internet fraud, cable, Realtor, real estate, landlord, daycare, fitness scams, spamming, civilian complaints, consumer court, consumer affairs, consumer credit counseling, consumer protection, bank, loan, airline, financial advisory board complaints, senior care, drug online, pets and kennels, document scams, direct warranty service scams, craftsman, movers, sales and lease, farms food products, skin care, home depot, bank fee, furniture,

There is no specific complaint procedure, type all the issues with out missing any. Our complaint management
system or complaint software will help you to get remedy. Our complaints handling system is an open customer
complaint software, we handle all complains with out priority i.e complaints are considered as equal and it is our
complaint policy. Ours is one of the best complaint site, we are not complaint generators or complaint tracking
people, ours is a consumer complaints service website, which is similar to a consumer complaint forum

You can find a lot of consumer reports, department complaints, complaint letters can receive reviews on
your consumer complaints as well as comments at our consumer complaint agency

You can call this site as consumer complaint center or complaint bureau, consumer complaint blogs, consumer
complaint associate, consumer protection, consumer law every thing fits with it very well, but we wish to see a
complaint free world, a happy community with no complaints



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